DJ Max Polyakov’s Blog: How to produce music

DJ and music producer Max Polyakov

Music as a career to some is fickle. It cannot be trusted because it is reportedly difficult to make it in the world of music without a mentor or a guide or at least some referrals in high places. Max Polyakov, after a few years of being a DJ and a music producer, begged to differ. He decided to spend his time teaching young folks about the intricacies of music as a career.

Max Polyakov had not always been this dedicated to his music. He chanced upon his love for this particular art form by accident, one day at home when he first realized his father was a musician. Contrary to popular belief that once the music runs in your family it is automatic that the children will take up the music lifestyle, Max Polyakov and his siblings were totally uninterested in the music their father seemed to love so much. They did not follow him to his shows and were alright as long as they had food to eat each day. Max Polyakov’s mother too did nothing to encourage them down the path of music except hum some of her husband’s songs while she was hard at work. It was a free house and everyone was happy to be themselves.

One fateful day, the seven-year-old Max Polyakov decided to follow his father to one of his freelance gigs down the street. It was a sort of cosy cafe ambience and each musician had this easy-going way with which they performed that caught young Max’s attention. He was especially drawn to the voice of a curly haired lady in a yellow dress with a guitar. Her voice seemed to echo like the morning and draw him into a sweet wonderland of candies and music. Max Polyakov was sorry to see her leave the stage. It was then that he fell in love with music. When he got home, he looked for all the music files of female singers in the house with the hope to hear that lady’s voice again. Although he did not find it, his frantic search exposed him to several other music groups that certainly opened his mind and heart to music. His father was not quite sure what had elicited this acute change in him. Max Polyakov suddenly became interested in learning the guitar and begged to follow his father on every one of his gigs. Unfortunately, he did not see his curly-haired angel, yet he saw many other musicians that he aspired to emulate.

Max Polyakov’s father saw his growing interest and suggested that instead of starting with a guitar, why not get the basics with a piano and then pass on his knowledge to any other instrument. Max Polyakov still preferred the guitar, so they settled on him learning both at the same time. His father was amazed by his sudden interest and his quick learning. It was as if his son was gifted, and he had never known. Deep down, Mr Polyakov was happy that his son had found this love for himself. He decided that he would support Max Polyakov in whatever decisions he wanted to make regarding his love for music.

Max grew quickly and so did his desire for good music. In five years he had mastered both the guitar and the piano, and he was already learning how to play the saxophone and the trumpet. To his dismay, he could not sing a note, but he was fine with it since singing was an attempt to equate him to that beautiful curly haired angel whose voice he heard. He told himself that if he could not sing as she did, he was content not with singing at all. Max Polyakov, however, did not remain ignorant about the theory behind singing. In addition to his playing, he learned how to read music and read several articles about singing and how to sing properly.

By the time he was in high school, he had already begun teaching some of his friends who had nice voices how to sing. He put together a small singing group and used his natural talent to prepare them for talent shows. Max Polyakov felt fulfilled at what he was doing. He enjoyed working with music and enjoyed making people with potential realize what they could achieve. In fact, to him, music was magic, and he enjoyed creating it.

Max Polyakov Discovers Disc Jockeying

One day, Max Polyakov’s friends invited him to a party, and Max, although he was not a fan of noisy places, decided to go. For some reason, the DJ at the party caught his attention. The man had such command over the crowd and over the music he was playing. It seemed to Max Polyakov as if he had met the first DJ that knew exactly what he was doing, manipulating the atmosphere with his music choices. Max Polyakov was filled with awe and just sat down at an area watching the DJ do his work. Max felt as if he could try it. He walked up to the DJ and introduced himself. The DJ was a bit surprised that someone had noticed him enough to come by and more surprised that the guy had walked up to him and introduced himself. Max Polyakov scored five extra points for his gutsy behaviour that night. The two were not able to talk much over the loud music, so they agreed to meet up another day, right before his gig.

Max Polyakov felt his heart bubble like he had found a new treasure. He did not tell any of his friends about his meeting with the DJ. He simply decided to go on his own. The DJ messaged Max a few days later to tell him that he would be coming back to town for a gig and invited Max to come around. Max Polyakov was overjoyed, and he met up with the DJ hours before the program was set to begin. He sat down and asked the DJ a few of the questions that he had prepared. The discussion turned into a really easy conversation and Max Polyakov learned that the DJ was actually a student from the next town who came around just to do freelance gigs. He needed the money made from the gigs to pay his tuition fee. The DJ said he chose to be a disk jockey because the music was all he had ever known. He had been exposed to it at a very young age and was not interested in much else, and as far as money was concerned, it brought just enough to pay for his college tuition.

Max Polyakov was inspired by his story and the two men became better friends. They both shared a deep love for music, and they bonded over that love. He stayed behind and watched the DJ work once again before heading back home.

Max Polyakov Ventures into Disc Jockeying

At their third meeting, Max decided to ask the DJ if he could accompany him on gigs so that he could learn from him. Max had graduated from high school and was awaiting his university placements. He felt that learning this skill was going to add to his long list of acquired skills in music. The DJ agreed and Max started to shadow him. The DJ was very thorough, systematic and intentional about all the music he played. He was not just hired for events at clubs, but he was hired for high profile events as well. His knowledge of music was vast, and he knew a great many artist’s Max Polyakov had not even heard of. He made sure to learn all he could and listened to the DJ with rapt attention every time he would go into one of his teaching sessions. He also was well versed in reading music, just like Max.

One day, on the final day that Max could shadow the DJ, the DJ allowed Max to play in his stead. He informed his client that Max Polyakov would be playing that night. With the guidance received and the faith that his mentor had in him, he felt like he could ace it this first time. Of course, there were several awkward minutes of silence where Max Polyakov totally froze, not knowing what to do next. The DJ quickly stepped in and redeemed Max more than a couple of times and still left the job to him once the ambience was stable. Max Polyakov felt bad for messing up but the DJ assured him that he had done well enough for his first try. Max Polyakov then felt a nagging sensation in him that made him say that he would not mind being a DJ for the rest of his life.

Max Polyakov, the DJ and Writer

DJ Max Polyakov

Max Polyakov, at his freshman year of college, started a blog where he was going to share all the tidbits he had learned from his DJ friend. Max believed that sharing was caring, and just as his friend had invested so much into him, he also felt he should invest into others. He started his blog outlining some of the experiences he had grown up in a house full of music. He talked about his angel in the yellow dress, and his sudden desire to know music. He even went on to talk about his little experience in being a DJ. All through college, Max Polyakov hustled for gigs and trained himself to get better each time. He wanted to get so good that he would easily invite his DJ friend to come and watch him. Max Polyakov worked hard at school and worked hard at his hobby too. Soon he became popular around the whole school for what he could do.

Over time, he added producing to the things he was able to do. He scouted for talent and developed music for them to sing. Max Polyakov felt very positive about his progress. Soon enough he became the DJ of choice at various musical concerts and festivals, and all this he wrote on his blog in a bid to inspire people. He shared some of his gig locations and was pleasantly surprised when several fans came around. He had the greatest following at some of the large music festivals. The whole town knew him by name. He used his influence to better the young talents he had found and produced them under his own record label. For a young man of twenty, a freshman in college, this was a great feat, yet Max Polyakov, with hard work, was determined to make it big.

Max Polyakov never failed to tell his fans what his next move was on his blog. He always encouraged youngsters who at that point may not have been sure they wanted to do music to keep going. He emphasized the need to love music and to study it, and he wanted his life to be a beacon to anyone who had lost hope in pursuing their dreams.

Pretty soon, Max Polyakov’s blog became the new thing all over his state. People from different places came around to see him work. He made tons of money by the time he was in his senior year and bought an apartment for himself. This he transformed into a studio and made it the place where he could unwind and create beautiful music. Max was living a great life and his achievements were encouraging to anyone who came around. Since that was what Max Polyakov aimed at doing, he continued inspiring young people who wanted to be just like him to follow their dreams. To disk jockey Max Polyakov, hard work and perseverance paid off, but passion made it all easy. And that was what he had, passion.